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Airier Natura is a leading manufacturer of Renewable energy products. Established in 1987, Airier Natura is an organization with values deeply rooted in customer satisfaction and ethical business practices.

Our contributions to the renewable energy industry over the last 20 years, in the form of our high quality solar water heaters and our reliable and robust wind turbine ventilators have helped save thousands of rupees across homes and industries throughout India. The supreme quality of our products set us apart in the market as the most trusted air ventilator manufacturers India. The products we are offering in the top list of our customers.

Today, Airier is one of the reputed eco air ventilator manufacturers India helping industries make the ‘Change for good’ – from fossil fuels to Renewable energy.

With cutting edge engineering design in emerging technologies such as Concentrating Solar power (CSP), Bio mass power and new innovations in industrial ventilation technologies, Airier is taking steps to meet the energy demands of the future. Air ventilators manufacturers' products are reliable and cost effective use.


To be the most trusted air ventilators manufacturers and renewable energy brand across markets by offering innovative and zero emission products, profiting & benefiting the company, customers, employees & community at large.


To create futuristic and self-renewing solutions that not only empower life today, but save energy for a better tomorrow.

Our Products

Airier Natura Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore manufacture a wide range of : Ridge Ventilators, Industrial Ventilator, Air Ventilators, Industrial Air Ventilators, Parabolic dish, Parabolic trough, Solar cooker, Cooking, Bio geyser, Eco geyser, Water heater , Biomass gasifier, Exhaust Fan, Wind Turbine Manufacturers, Industrial Fans, Rooftop Ventilator, Ventilation Fans, Eco Ventilator, No Power Ventilator, Attic Ventilator, Solar Water Heater, CSP, Concentrated Solar Power, Celsium 450, Celsium 250, Scheffler Solar Concentrator, etc. Our sincere efforts towards this field has given us an competitive edge over competitors as a reliable Air ventilator manufacturer.