• Vaccum Tube Solar Water Heater

    As the vaccum tube is round, the sun’s rays are always striking the tube surface at right angles, thus maintaining reflection.

    If the collector surface is flat, then the amount of solar radiation, which strikes the collector surface will be maximum only at noon, the time when the sun is in straight line with the collector. During morning and evening hours, the sun’s rays strike the collector surface at an angle, and hence, the amount of solar radiation that the collector is exposed to will be comparatively less, with that of an evacuated tube.

    Evacuated tubes, however, are round and thus the amount of solar radiation striking the collector is relatively constant from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. Further, the sun is always striking the tubes at an angle which is perpendicular to their surface, thus reducing reflection.

    Technical Specifications

    Technical details:

    Required Area: 2.5 Sq. mt. / 100 LPD

    Overhead Tank Minimum Height:

    Domestic System: 6 ft. from the bottom of tank
    Industrial System: 3 – 4 mt. from the bottom of tank