Biomass gasifier

Biomass materials are used since millennia for meeting myriad human needs including energy. Main sources of biomass energy are trees, crops and animal waste.

Among the biomass energy sources, wood fuels are the most prominent. Presently, the biomass sources contribute 14% of global energy and 38% of energy in developing countries.

Biomass gasification has some better advantages over other alternative energy sources. The technology's conversion efficiency is high. It can be applied over a wide range of output metrics with only a small variation in overall efficiency and investment.

Most important of all, it guarantees uninterrupted power supply as it is based on locally available feedstock and the process is dynamic enough to be used for captive purposes, as well as for grids.

A combination of all these factors ensured that the per-unit cost of biomass gasification is the lowest among renewable energy sources.

Environmental advantages:

     Generates same amount of heat and carbon dioxide as from natural processes.
     It uses renewable energy resources as fuel
     Airier Natura is accomplished in deisgn and manufacture of various kinds of gasifiers with various specifications

Our offering among Gasifiers are:

     For Captive power uses (To generate electricity for Industries, Institutions, Agricultural purposes and large domestic        consumption) – 10 Kw to 50 Kw
     Grid connected systems – for requirements larger than 500Kw
     Thermal applications (for industries – thermal heating, process heating ) - 15 Kw thermal – 1000 Kw thermal

Features of Airier Gasifier:

     During continuous operation, all filtration equipments have standby for cleaning purposes & all pumps have standby in        case of failure
     Compatible with Diesel Generator Sets
     Excellent quality of gas
     Minimal maintenance for engine
     Reduced installation time