Parabolic dish technology

Celsium250 is the most efficient solar thermal energy solution.

It uses state-of-the-art parabolic dish technology that can provide heating solutions with near-zero recurring costs.

Designed to maximize thermal absorption, Celsium250 efficiently converts incident solar radiation into thermal energy and delivers it with zero-convection losses.

Using heat transfer mediums like water, steam or thermic fluid, these technologies can be effectively used to reduce fuel consumption by boilers and various industrial processes – Resulting in savings that keep adding to your company’s profits.

     The Celsium250 uses fixed point focus parabolic dish technology
     It provides medium temperature heating applications across industries with a temperature range of 100-160 degree        centigrade and a high efficiency
     Solar based heating systems can reduce the carbon emissions by boilers and other industrial processes
     Investment cost can be easily recovered


All industries

Food & Beverages




Water treatment



Laundry, Furnace Oil Heating, Boiler feed water heating

Drying, washing, pasteurizing, boiling, sterilizing, Heat treatment

Washing, bleaching, dyeing

Boiling, distilling, various other processes

Centralized cooking


Washing, ironing


This powerful solar application uses parabolic concentrators of large surface areas (16M2) to focus solar energy on to receivers that convert thermal energy to heat.

The design is such that all mirrors on a concentrator reflect sunlight focused onto a receiver. Convection loss due to external conditions is reduced using an evacuated chamber which drastically reduces the convectional losses due to wind and other atmospheric conditions.

These receivers maintain a high temperature which facilitates continuous heating during periods of clear solar radiation.

The Celsium250 uses a microcontroller based tracking system to track the movement of the sun from east to west.

Technical specifications

Reflective area/Dish

Absorbed radiation/Dish/Hour*

Area required/Dish for installation

Type of area required


Hours of operation of system/Day*


Water supply

Weight of one dish & receiver


5000 – 6700 Kcal/Hr

6x6 Mts.

     Shadow free area
     RCC roof
     Shadow free ground location

8-10 hours

Minimal maintenance

RO water or Soft water

450 Kg.