We have invested considerable amount of our time and technical expertise, to bring you the technology of the future. Celsium450 is our hottest innovation . It is a solar concentrator that makes use of solar energy to generate steam. The steam produced can then be utilised for various industrial and institutional applications.

Amazing Advantages

  • Uses 'green' energy. Hence, does not produce greenhouse gases
  • Offers energy absolutely free of cost
  • More efficient than the conventional solar panels
  • Stops the burning of non-renewable fuels
  • Costs less to operate
  • Does not require site orientation, hence can be quickly assembled
  • Designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions

Scope of Application


Dairies | Food & Beverages | Textiles & Chemicals | Pharmaceuticals


Drying | Pasteurization | Cooking | Boiling | Washing | Sterilizing | Farm Based Storage | Large Distribution Centre

Government Incentives

There has never been a better time financially, to make use of solar thermal technologies. Currently MNRE is providing subsidy of Rs. 5, 400 per sq. mt. of reflective surface and 80% accelerated depreciation in the first year. So, you can recover almost 50% of the system’s cost on installation. Thus, resulting in a quick ROI.