Renewable Energy

Solar energy Systems

From being the pioneers of solar water heaters in south India, to taking big steps towards renewable energy - thinking fast and moving faster has always been a core value of the Airier group.

India receives solar energy equivalent to over 5,000 trillion kWh per year. The daily average solar energy incident varies from 4 -7 kWh per square meter depending upon the location. The annual average global solar radiation on horizontal surface, incident over India, is about 5.5 kWh per square meter per day. There are about 300 clear sunny days in most parts of the country.

Taking into account India’s vast solar potential, Airier now offers parabolic dish technology and parabolic trough technology for various domestic and industrial applications.

Biomass Gasification systems

Airier offers gasification systems for thermal applications as well as power generation. Gasifiers can replace conventional LPG and Diesel generators saving up to 70% of fuel costs.

Bio Geysers

Almost 19% of an average Indian household’s electricity bill comes from water heating.

Airier offers a renewable energy solution, the Eco-geyser, which uses dry organic waste to deliver hot water to households and businesses.