Jyothi Solar Water Heater System

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About Jyothi Solar - Solar Water Heaters

Jyothi Solar, a subsidiary of Airier Natura Pvt. Ltd. is a market leader in Karnataka, manufacturing high quality solar water heaters. Founded and managed by qualified professionals with wide experience in the solar energy industry, Jyothi Solar strives to supply solar water heaters that meet the long-term needs of its diverse customers. The Company has already installed over twenty five thousand systems and provides prompt and professional after- sales service to its customers, throughout the long life span of its products.

The advanced design of Jyothi Solar Geyser has an optical feature that includes a back-up electric heater built into it, which negates any maintenance costs.

Our offerings in the Solar Water Heaters are:

Flat Plate Solar Water Heater

Vacuum Tube Solar Water Heater

Benefits of Solar Water Heater:

Save upto 70% on your electric bill
Absolutely maintenance free
1 year warranty (except on glass)
Environment friendly
One time investment, long term benefit

Where to Usage Solar Water Heaters:

Chemical Industries
Guest Houses