industrial Ventilation

Turbine Air Ventilators

We are one of the aspiring turbo ventilator manufacturers in India. Our offered range of turbo air ventilators do not consume any power and entirely work on wind energy. These innovative systems effectively remove heat, dust, fumes, gases and smoke from industrial sheds. Turbine air ventilators, UAE are environmentally friendly and economical ventilation system.

The Benefits of Turbine Ventilators

  • Allow outside air to flow upward and out of the factory area naturally
  • Helps prevent heat, moisture & dust from being trapped in shop floor atmosphere
  • Prevent rotting, rust, wear & tear, peeling paint and wall damage
  • Provide consistent ventilation without energy consumption year round

Being professional turbine ventilator manufacturers, we design for any size and specification, keeping the customers needs in mind.These Airier Turbine Air Ventilators provide natural exhaust of heat.Some of the Important Features of this product are

  • Reduces heat buildup in the working area
  • Helps get rid of trapped moisture, exhausts heat, dangerous fumes, smoke etc
  • Low on maintenance
  • High weathering ability
  • Available in customized throat sizes
  • Long life and maintain building's Aesthetic qualities