Wood Pellet Burner and Stove

Wood Pellet Burner and Wood Pellet Stove Products

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Wood Pellet Burner and Stove

Affordable Wood Pellet Stove and Wood Pellet Burner Manufacturer

Airier wood pellet stoves are environmentally friendly and cost-effective. We provide Eco stoves for residential and commercial space. These are carefully designed keeping all possible difficulties in kitchen in mind. Our wood pallet stoves come with power backup to run at the time of power cut.

Features of Wood Pellet Burner are:

     Type : Continous feed
     Model : ATS09
     Capacity : 30 kw th
     Pellet Size : 8 x 50 mm
     Hopper : 40 kg
     Buner Dia : 300
     Conveyor : Rotary vane feed with drop tube
     Ash Removal : Manual 8 hrs interval
     Flame Type : Horizontal

Our offering among Gasifiers are:

     High Burning rate
     Low smoke
     Complete Combustion
     Requires less maintenance on fire side tube as less soot formation compared to raw biomass fuel
     Higher temperature of by products of combustion increase heat transfer efficiency in boilers
     Rotary vane feeder for fuel control

Features of Airier Gasifier:

      Burner : Horizontal
     Pellet consumption per hour : 15 kg
     Steam output : 100 kg per hour
     Cropper Size : 40 kg stol
     Feed Type : Auto (Rotary vane feeding)
     Cropper Size : 40 kg stol
     Range : 100 kg to 2 Tons

We at "Airier" are providing environment friendly wood pellet burner and stove too. We offer highly durable and technically good designed wood pellet burners and stoves for both residential and commercial uses.

Wood Pellet Burner

These types of burners look similar to conventional wood burners. As wood pellet burners are designed well and have made effective to control heat level as per requirement. These burners are environment friendly and produce heating at steady rate. Such pellets are made of 100% wood residues (sawdust and wood shavings). Few pellet burner models can be fitted with a wet back to heat as well as check the supplier regarding this option. Some burners come with a fan built in for better distribution of heat inside the room. Most pellet burners produce extensive heat than requirement to heat multiple rooms. But heat can be controlled and utilized for heating room at desired temperature. People can use such burners during power cut off or in winter season.

Wood Pellet Stove

Wood pellet stove is like a small size bag that can be stored easily. Such stoves are easy to operate and require loading the pellets that go for ignition to generate flame. The rate of flame emission depends upon, what size hopper your stove has and quantity of pellets loaded in a day. The stove produces less smoke, as the pellets are being ignited inside a heat box. However, stove does not get heated much and less ash is generated in the chamber. Wood pellet stoves are made of recycled materials and are greatly compressed to lower down moisture content. These pellet stoves produce less pollutants than conventional fireplaces.